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posted by [personal profile] oursin at 05:15pm on 25/04/2011

Three weeks for Dreamwidth.

FONSFAQ stands for "Frequently (Or Not So Frequently) Asked Questions" (about a particular topic). Someone hosts a topic, preferably one per entry, and then in comments people can ask - i.e. leave prompts. What I'm offering doesn't really fit the parameters of FONSFAQ so I'm not calling it that, but it's stimulated me to offer this anyway. In the interests of community promotion I'm posting this to [community profile] history rather than my personal journal.

Historical topics I'm prepared to endeavour to answer questions/have a discussion on, should anyone care to ask. (NB my main area of expertise is the UK, C19th-onwards, though I'll at least try to answer any questions that fall outside those parameters.)

History of sexuality.

Women's/gender history.

History of medicine/healthcare.

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posted by [personal profile] pauamma at 05:10pm on 25/04/2011
Hmm. The one question I have about 19th-20thC UK is: where did all those prescriptivist Victorian grammarians come from and what they were smoking?" but given that's not exactly in your listed areas, I'll accept a pointer to a more suitable FONSFAQ entry. :-)
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posted by [personal profile] oursin at 06:20pm on 25/04/2011
Definitely outwith my area of interest! Haven't seen any FONSFAQs yet in that address that particular field. The subject appears to have come up for discussion in various contexts on the VICTORIA listserv, but I don't spot anything that actually answers that question (except possibly that Lindley Murray's 1795 English Grammar remained authoritative well into C19th).
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posted by [personal profile] kore at 07:57pm on 26/04/2011
Is it true about those Prince Albert piercings I just found out about Rose Witcop (via something abt Russell), and annoyingly enough her ODNB entry is of course locked and I can't find out much else about her. Do you have pointers to books/articles &c, or have the time to give some more info? She sounds fascinating. (Or if there's already a section on your website, I shall facepalm!)
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posted by [personal profile] oursin at 09:10pm on 26/04/2011
I've emailed you the ODNB entry - it's on the short side but it does give some further reading suggestions.

Witcop's fascinating and some years ago I was in touch with someone who was working on her and her sister (Milly Rocker) but we have lost contact, sigh. Aldred however, strikes me as just plain weird.

It's also some years since I was delving into the Sanger correspondence - she had a substantial correspondence with Witcop over the publication of her birth control pamphlet for which Witcop and Aldred got prosecuted - it was around the time of the big bust-up Stella Browne had with Sanger and there was a certain amount of fall-out on bystanders. I think there was also some correspondence in the Emma Goldman papers, and possibly with Dora Russell. I've also found a letter in my files from the NZ contraceptive campaigner Ettie Rout (Mrs Hornibrook) to H G Wells about the Aldred/Witcop case.
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posted by [personal profile] kore at 03:11am on 27/04/2011
Aww yeah, that was great, thank you!

I've also found a letter in my files from the NZ contraceptive campaigner Ettie Rout (Mrs Hornibrook) to H G Wells about the Aldred/Witcop case.

Oh, that's fascinating - it must be great to work with letters like that. Wow.
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posted by [personal profile] dorinda at 11:40pm on 27/04/2011
I'm interested in History of Sexuality book recommendations! Especially the UK or elsewhere outside the US, since I've read more stuff about the US, but heck, I'd love to hear about any books you value. Large-scale cultural histories, or more focused books like oral histories and memoirs, or whatever--what are some good ones? And also, are there any you'd want to discommend? Ones that might look tempting at first glance but are actually no good/poorly sourced/badly argued/etc.?
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posted by [personal profile] oursin at 02:23pm on 28/04/2011
I'm having to think this one over! A large scale cultural history with a Euro-focus that I strongly recommend is Anna Clark's Desire, and there's a good overview of more recent European developments forthcoming from Dagmar Herzog (may not be out yet). But there are lots more recs for specific things if I turn my mind to it, so will get back on this.