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posted by [personal profile] oriolegirl at 07:46pm on 31/03/2014
I'm looking for photographs of chemistry classrooms (and associated laboratories), preferrably college/university level although high school would be ok. I'm primarily interested in pre-1950 photos, especially pre-1925. I've found a fair number by searching Google images and the Library of Congress. Of course, the vast majority of those are photos of American classrooms. I'd love to find some UK and European classrooms but I'm kind of stumped as to where to search. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks!
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posted by [personal profile] fred_mouse at 06:07am on 01/04/2014
no general suggestions, but there is the possibility that I can source some for UWA, which would give you one Australian view. I wandered down the hall and made some enquiries. Our current building is Very Recent, and the previous one was built in the '60s. Prior to that apparently chemistry was taught out of what is now Geology, and there is an Emeritus Professor who comes in in the mornings who is believed to have taught in that building.

Would you like me to follow that up further?

It is unlikely that there will be pre-1925 images, although there could be some in the archives - not even sure if the uni had its land grant by then, or if it was still in the original location. None of the other local universities date back that far.
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posted by [personal profile] spiralsheep at 09:11am on 01/04/2014
Different institution but this image came up when I googled for UK photos. :-)


"Students at work in the Main Chemical Laboratory in 1906, photo, The Australasian, 30 June 1906, National Library of Australia."
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posted by [personal profile] oriolegirl at 03:33pm on 01/04/2014
Excellent! Always nice to see science photos with women actually doing science.
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posted by [personal profile] spiralsheep at 04:09pm on 01/04/2014
Yes, I'm always especially pleased to *see* women in history just getting on with doing ordinary activities, because I was told so often as a child that "women can't do [x, y, or z]". :-)
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posted by [personal profile] oriolegirl at 03:31pm on 01/04/2014
Most science buildings these days are new(ish). Until the early 20th century, there was often only one science building, so I can easily believe that chemistry was taught out of geology. *g*

Let me see what turns up but thanks for the offer!
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posted by [personal profile] spiralsheep at 09:25am on 01/04/2014
There should be images available from India too if you're interested.

A quick google for the first page of UK photos using the most obvious search terms resulted in this mixed bag (I'd suggest contacting the institutions/archives named with your requests):

Medical lab, 1910, University of Bristol:


Chemistry lab, 1910, University of Southampton:


1920s "science class" at Ely High School, Cambridgeshire:


Grammar school chemistry class, 1920, Aberdare, Wales:


Medical lab, date appears guesstimated:


Two photos of pre-1910 physics and botany labs, London:


I can't find the page link but the rollover says, "Chemistry Class, c.1920s, University of the Arts, London":


Canada (because this came up while I was searching):


African Americans (because this came up while I was searching):


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posted by [personal profile] oriolegirl at 03:41pm on 01/04/2014
Thank you! I tried adding country names and such to my Google searches but it didn't seem to help. (Dear Google, just because I am in the US does not necessarily mean I want only results about the US. *shakes fist*)

India could be interesting, too. I'll see what I can find.
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posted by [personal profile] spiralsheep at 04:04pm on 01/04/2014
You might want to start by googling for a basic tutorial on how to use search engines? Google tends to be very responsive to your IP location and, if you allow cookies, to your previous searches. You could try searching from www.google.co.uk as the nearest anglophone search engine to continental Europe or www.google.co.in for India. The search terms I used were:

(country) uk chemistry classroom 1910s (or 1920s)

Be aware, however, that the terminology in British English is different now and was more so then. Many "chemistry" classes were taught as general "science" or under the auspices of "medicine" at medical schools in teaching hospitals. Most university level classes (which might not be called classes) would probably have been lectures in lecture theatres not practical chemistry in labs, and labs in tertiary education wouldn't necessarily be termed classrooms.
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posted by [personal profile] oriolegirl at 04:15pm on 01/04/2014
I'm aware of the terminology differences. I used class, classroom, lecture, lecture hall, lecture theatre, lab, laboratory, etc. I did try Google UK, but it was probably a cookie issue. I'll try logging out and see if that makes a difference. I was just hoping there was some central repository, like LC's American Memory collection, in other countries. Ah well. If research was easy, it wouldn't be as fun.