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Hi all-- Medievalists are horrible enablers, did you know that? Today, I was enabled into creating a tumblr blog:


Okay fine, I volunteered to do it, but the encouragement that came after was, shall we say, strong.

In any case, it's a brand new account, and I need to put stuff in the queue! If you are a medievalist with a tattoo* (or more than one!), please let me know! If you are not a medievalist, but you have a tattoo with a medieval subject, also let me know! I would like to post photos, so take some selfies (or get a friend to help)!

*If you are a medievalist but your ink is not medieval, that's A-OK, we'll still take you ;)

A couple things:

1) Anonymity/Identity: Let me know if it's okay to use your name, or if you'd prefer to use a pseudonym/your twitter handle/be anonymous. (If you are a medieval scholar I'd love to be able to use your name, but being safe on the internet is more important than anything else.)

2) Storytime: Please include any details about your tattoo! Any stories behind it, or your experience getting it. Anything you have to share would be great, and there's no better person to talk about your tattoo besides you.

That's it! I have a couple things in the queue, but I'm still working on getting stories from most people, so there isn't much there yet. But there will be! I've got some amazing ink in the works, you know you wanna see it!
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Two Dicks

 The discovery of the skeleton of King Richard III under a parking lot almost threatened to wipe the Super Bowl results off the front page (I exaggerate).  The BBC article mentions that Greyfriars church in Leicester, where he was buried, was "demolished" during the 1500s (the English Reformation), and I can't help wondering about that, as the Tudors seemed to be a little vindictive.  

As it happened, last night I was reading about another Richard in high office.  The New Yorker's Thomas Mallon reviews two books about Richard Nixon, and does a little speculative history.  He focuses on the "Checkers" speech (I was a toddler at the time, unfortunately) as a sort of pivot in Nixon's political career.  I will have to read at least one of the books reviewed.

Must be something about guys named "Richard."

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Primary Sources

Hi All,

I am putting together a list of primary sources that are available for free on the internet.

[My prof, bless her wee cotton socks, thinks "history on the internet" is limited to Wikipedia.]

What are you favourite primary source websites?

my list is behind the cut )