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Hi all-- Medievalists are horrible enablers, did you know that? Today, I was enabled into creating a tumblr blog:


Okay fine, I volunteered to do it, but the encouragement that came after was, shall we say, strong.

In any case, it's a brand new account, and I need to put stuff in the queue! If you are a medievalist with a tattoo* (or more than one!), please let me know! If you are not a medievalist, but you have a tattoo with a medieval subject, also let me know! I would like to post photos, so take some selfies (or get a friend to help)!

*If you are a medievalist but your ink is not medieval, that's A-OK, we'll still take you ;)

A couple things:

1) Anonymity/Identity: Let me know if it's okay to use your name, or if you'd prefer to use a pseudonym/your twitter handle/be anonymous. (If you are a medieval scholar I'd love to be able to use your name, but being safe on the internet is more important than anything else.)

2) Storytime: Please include any details about your tattoo! Any stories behind it, or your experience getting it. Anything you have to share would be great, and there's no better person to talk about your tattoo besides you.

That's it! I have a couple things in the queue, but I'm still working on getting stories from most people, so there isn't much there yet. But there will be! I've got some amazing ink in the works, you know you wanna see it!
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Review and essay on the Spanish Civil War: Spain in Our Hearts: Americans in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 by Adam Hochschild. Basically a history of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, which fought on the government (Republican a/k/a Loyalist) side (the Nationalist side was allied with the generals who'd engineered the coup that overthrew the government).  The review is temporarily available to non-subscribers at the link.

The last survivor, Delmer Berg, died February 28.
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 The end of World War I.  Well, all I ever heard about was the Armistice.  Centennials do bring out so much.
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I'm looking for photographs of chemistry classrooms (and associated laboratories), preferrably college/university level although high school would be ok. I'm primarily interested in pre-1950 photos, especially pre-1925. I've found a fair number by searching Google images and the Library of Congress. Of course, the vast majority of those are photos of American classrooms. I'd love to find some UK and European classrooms but I'm kind of stumped as to where to search. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks!
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I'm aware that the ancient caves in the Via Chiatamone in Naples are now mostly used as small business units by shops, cafes, and garages, but can anyone tell me about supposedly scandalous behaviour, by local Neapolitans, that went on in the area circa the 1940-50s? I'm assuming some form of sexual behaviour, and I'm assuming specifically male homosexuality, but I'd be interested if anyone knows the local history. /longshot
location: l’antica grotta del Chiatamone a Napoli
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3 weeks for DW

Make new DW friends and find like-minded people :)
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 The discovery of the skeleton of King Richard III under a parking lot almost threatened to wipe the Super Bowl results off the front page (I exaggerate).  The BBC article mentions that Greyfriars church in Leicester, where he was buried, was "demolished" during the 1500s (the English Reformation), and I can't help wondering about that, as the Tudors seemed to be a little vindictive.  

As it happened, last night I was reading about another Richard in high office.  The New Yorker's Thomas Mallon reviews two books about Richard Nixon, and does a little speculative history.  He focuses on the "Checkers" speech (I was a toddler at the time, unfortunately) as a sort of pivot in Nixon's political career.  I will have to read at least one of the books reviewed.

Must be something about guys named "Richard."

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I just finished Elizabeth Gaskell's The Life of Charlotte Brontë (published 1857) and am wondering -- is this the first major biography of a woman in English?

I can't think of any earlier ones. Memoirs and autobiographies, yes (especially by religious women), but no biographies. Although surely there were hagiographies, and Elizabeth I must have been the subject of a biography before the mid-1900s...

Maybe it's the first biography of a woman by a woman -- although certainly not the first biography by a woman, since I think it was fairly common, at least by the 19th century, for a surviving wife to write up her husband's life and edit his letters for publication.

Am I missing something obvious?
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That took guts. And brains.